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Helps you master any topic you are reading online by bringing relevant and reliable information

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An AI-powered browser extension that offers a new way of reading & exploring information

Wiseone's search feature

Read more, know more

Helps you easily understand & learn about complex or unknown words, concepts, people, organizations and much more...
Wiseone's cross checking feature

Form your opinion on your own terms

Verify facts with different sources talking about the same subject.
Wiseone's cross checking feature

Simplify the most complex information into understandable answers

Ask any question about the article you're reading, and we'll generate a clear and concise answer.
Wiseone's summary and suggestions features

Read efficiently without losing information

Summarize content on any website within seconds to help you get key information to remember

Deepen your understanding on any topic

Go further & explore other articles effortlessly.

Why use Wiseone?


Explore beyond limits

Broaden and enrich your research with many news stories and articles

Quality information

Take back control and find quality information handed to you based on diverse sources

Intuitive usage

Get more information with easy and practical tools at your disposal

Powerful AI

Wiseone's algorithms provide full insight and relevancy to news articles

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