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Wiseone's Focus feature

Read more, know more with Focus

Easily understand complex concepts and words
Wiseone's Crosscheck feature

Discover diverse perspectives from reliable sources with Cross-check

Get easy access to factual & reliable sources reporting on the same subject
Wiseone's Ask Anything feature

Simplify the most complex information into understandable answers with Ask anything

Ask any question on any web page you're reading or get instantly sourced answers from top search engines
Wiseone's Summarize feature

Save time reading without losing information with Summarize

Summarize content on any website within seconds with key takeaways to remember
Wiseone's Explore feature

Deepen your understanding on any topic with Explore

Go further & explore other articles effortlessly

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What the community is saying about Wiseone

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Awesome browser extension. I recommend it to those who are self-studying 🧐.
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This an awesome extension and I would not be without it. I hate reading articles on the internet that are verbose and don't get to the point very quickly. I use this extension every day and I get just the information I need out of articles quickly and concisely. I have told every single friend and relative I have about this extension. Also, the 'ask anything' tab is a quick and easy way to get information on anything on the internet. I can't recommend this extension highly enough.
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A fantastic browser extension and the kind of extension you never knew you always wanted till you finally got it. Works like a breeze across all browsers. Cross-checking what you find on a website of interest and getting additional info on the website's content never was easier. I wouldn't want to be without it. Thanks a lot, Wiseone.
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It's amazing!! It can do what Bing does, ask PDF files, it's super fast, it provides sources, works on every tab, highly recommended.
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I've been using Wiseone for months now and it's the best in the market when it comes to reading and analyzing...
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Phenomenal execution, and insane that it's free (at least for now). I've used many browser extensions to help me quickly summarize key information on a webpage (Perplexity AI, Gist AI, Kome, and many others), yet Wiseone is the best that I've come across so far. Flawless execution — it works on every webpage with text content that I've tried it on, has a clean/modern user interface, and by setting the extension to be triggered whenever I hit <option + W> it's insanely easy to get the information I want with a single keystroke combo.
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