Maximizing your productivity: a guide to efficient reading

Maximizing your productivity: a guide to efficient reading
Maximizing your productivity: a guide to efficient reading

What is productivity?


Productivity generally refers to the ability of an individual, team, or organization to work efficiently within a specific time to maximize output.

The two main types of productivity are economic and personal productivity; economic productivity typically means the efficiency with which resources are used to generate goods and services within a given time frame, often measured in terms of output per hour or per worker. 

On the other hand, personal productivity focuses on individual effectiveness in accomplishing tasks and achieving goals within various aspects of life, such as work, studies, or personal projects.

In this blog article, we will cover personal productivity. 

Quantity vs Quality

We must not think productivity is just "doing more in less time." The importance given to the number of completed tasks, completed projects, etc, is part of a misconception about efficiency, which often causes discomfort and pressure.

Let's consider, for example, productivity for a customer success manager. Measuring the job's productivity may be more valuable by increasing customer satisfaction over time instead of increasing the number of customers assisted.

Why is productivity important? 

Productivity is essential to our lives for various reasons, contributing to our overall well-being and fulfillment.

- Reduced stress: By efficiently managing our time and energy, we can work on different tasks with greater ease, boosting confidence in our ability to deliver high-quality results within deadlines. It alleviates stress and fosters a more profound sense of accomplishment.

- Increased focus: Productivity provides a clear roadmap of tasks, prioritized according to importance and aligned with overarching goals. This clarity empowers individuals to maintain concentration and minimize distractions, increasing efficiency and reducing stress.

- Well-being: Being productive contributes to a healthy work-life balance and instills a sense of control over our circumstances. By efficiently managing our time and tasks, we create space for personal pursuits and leisure activities, leading to a more fulfilling and enriching life.

- A sense of purpose: Setting clear goals and working towards them with determination fuels our actions with meaning, fueling motivation and perseverance even in the face of challenges.

- Personal growth: Productivity presents challenges and opportunities for learning. We evolve and develop new skills by overcoming obstacles and learning from mistakes, ultimately enriching our lives and expanding our horizons. 

Efficient reading: a key skill for productivity 

In today's professional and personal landscape, personal growth requires significant time dedicated to online reading and web searching. 

Whether staying informed about the latest trends and news, expanding one's knowledge base, or completing specific tasks, online reading is essential.

However, efficient reading takes precedence over just reading; for example, decision-makers have to juggle multiple responsibilities and be able to extract valuable information from written content and navigate the vast expanse of the internet in a time-effective manner.

Improving the skill of efficient reading and web searching becomes essential for anyone looking to stay ahead in their respective fields.

What is efficient reading? 

Efficient reading refers to reading and comprehending written text quickly and effectively using strategies to maximize reading speed and comprehension while minimizing the time required to read a text. 

In general, efficient reading enables individuals to absorb information more quickly, increasing their productivity and accomplishing more in less time.

Efficient reading is linked to critical thinking and mind mapping. It is also affected by levels of knowledge of the subject matter and dealing with unfamiliar words and concepts.

What are efficient reading challenges? 

Efficient reading comes with its fair share of challenges, and it's crucial to identify and address these obstacles to enhance productivity:  

  • Lack of time

It consists of the lack of time faced by many professionals and academics. Juggling multiple responsibilities within a demanding job often leaves little room for extensive reading.

  • Lack of Focus:

If we're tired, stressed, or distracted, it can be hard to focus on what we're reading, slowing us down and making it harder to retain information.

  • Limited knowledge

Limited knowledge base on a specific topic can restrict efficient reading. While no one is expected to be an expert in every field, a lack of familiarity with a subject can make it challenging to extract relevant information quickly.

  • Information overload

The current technology era brings another challenge in the form of information overload. The internet is vast, and sifting through the overflowing amounts of online content can be overwhelming, hindering efficient reading practices.

  • Length of online content

Lengthy articles, papers, and expert pieces compound the issue. Valuable information is often buried within extensive content, making it difficult for individuals to consume the entirety of an online content.

The need for a reliable AI tool becomes evident in light of these challenges. The right AI tool can assist in overcoming time constraints, bridging knowledge gaps, and streamlining the process of navigating through information overload.

How to read efficiently and maximize productivity with Wiseone 

What is Wiseone?

Wiseone is a French-based startup founded by Berkeley alums in 2021. Wiseone was created to fight information overload and misinformation abundant in today's digital landscape.

Leveraging AI, this AI tool promises to revolutionize how users consume information online, making them more efficient and productive. 

The company's browser extension offers individuals and professionals a unique solution to optimize their web search and online experiences. 

With features designed to save time, expand knowledge, and enhance productivity, Wiseone is a universal tool offering an engaging experience that feels like having a companion assisting in every aspect of web searching and online reading.

How does Wiseone enable efficient reading?

Wiseone is an invaluable tool for enhancing efficient reading because it offers a range of features that cater to readers' diverse challenges:

Time-saving capability: The tool generates concise summaries with key takeaways, allowing users to extract essential information without going through lengthy content. 

Ensuring access to reliable information: Another strength of Wiseone is providing reliable information. The tool allows users to verify information by cross-referencing diverse sources reporting on the same topic, instilling confidence in the content's accuracy. 

Enhancing comprehension: Wiseone is crucial in enhancing comprehension. It explains unfamiliar words or concepts, ensuring users grasp 100% of the material and avoid encountering terms that could ruin their understanding.

Wiseone also excels in expanding knowledge on any topic, simplifying the understanding of complex information found in articles across the web.

Deep understanding of any topic: Wiseone takes it further by facilitating a deep understanding of any topic. With easy access to explore related subjects, users can gain insights contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. 

How does Wiseone maximize productivity? 

Thanks to Wiseone, online reading has become a streamlined and time-efficient process. 

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the AI tool's ability to generate concise summaries, explain complex information, verify content accuracy, and provide instant answers to your most difficult questions culminates in a web search and an online reading experience that maximizes productivity.

Wiseone users can now cover more ground and absorb much information with minimal effort.

As the tool offers a multifaceted approach to address and overcome common reading challenges head-on, it emerges as a must-have tool for enhancing overall productivity for individuals grappling with the demands of information-heavy landscapes.

How to get Wiseone? 

To enhance your reading efficiency and maximize your productivity, follow these simple steps to start using Wiseone:

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store and click on 'Add to Chrome".
  • Once the extension is added, create an account at
  • We recommend watching Wiseone's tutorial video. This brief yet insightful video presents how to use the tool and its features.

It's as easy as that!

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