How to deal with Information Overload

How to deal with Information Overload
Dealing with information overload: everything you need to know

What is Information Overload?

Information overload is characterized by a system struggling to cope with a vast influx of knowledge. This challenge can manifest in both technological devices and individuals. Vigilantly monitoring the volume of information absorbed is crucial, as it facilitates better retention of essential data.

The human brain can become overwhelmed when attempting to process excessive data simultaneously. For instance, reading a book while listening to music and watching television may lead to information overload. The Pew Research Center notes that, despite societal adaptation to the era of limitless information, a significant portion of the population still feels burdened by various consumption channels.

In 2016, 20% of surveyed individuals reported experiencing information overload, reflecting a 7% decrease from a decade earlier but still representing a sizable one-fifth of the population. Pew's findings also indicated that feelings of information overload were more prevalent among those with internet access. Understanding and addressing information overload is crucial in navigating the contemporary landscape of abundant information.

Understanding and Addressing Information Overload

Several factors contribute to information overload in today's digital age:

  • Volume of Information: The World Economic Forum predicts a staggering increase in data creation, reaching 463 billion gigabytes daily by 2025. The sheer abundance of information available contributes significantly to the challenges of information overload.
  • Multifaceted Information Consumption: People encounter information through various channels, including computers, mobile phones, radio, TV, and print media. Constant exposure to these diverse sources compounds the challenge of managing the influx of information.
  • Credibility Challenges: With the vast amount of information circulating, distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources becomes daunting. The constant need to evaluate the credibility of information further exacerbates the risk of information overload.

Why Avoiding Information Overload Matters

  • Enhanced Productivity: Overloading yourself with information can hinder productivity. Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously may compromise the quality of your work and impede your ability to maintain a consistent and efficient workflow.
  • Achieving Mental Clarity and Focus: Information overload can cloud your mental clarity. By reducing distractions and stress associated with excessive information, you create an environment conducive to focus, improving mental clarity.
  • Quality Decision-Making: Processing overwhelming data points simultaneously can slow down decision-making. Avoiding information overload allows you to streamline your decision-making process, potentially leading to better, well-informed choices.
  • Clear Communication: Information overload can infiltrate your work, impacting the clarity of your communication. Whether it's a presentation or written document, avoiding overload ensures your message remains focused, coherent, and easily understandable.

How to avoid information overload

With the rapid advancement of generative AI, we are witnessing an unprecedented surge in AI-generated content across various domains, from text to images and even music. While this technological breakthrough promises to revolutionize how we create, engage, and consume content, it also introduces a significant challenge: information overload.

Whether the content is news articles, blogs, research papers, reviews, or social media posts, we constantly consume much-written content online.

Navigating the seas of content requires potent tools that efficiently help us with information overload, ensuring we find the information we seek without wasting time.

That's where Wiseone comes in.

Wiseone is an AI-powered browser extension that offers users a new way of online reading and web searching. 

By leveraging the power of AI, the browser extension is designed to save you time, expand your knowledge, and boost your productivity. 

  1. Focus

With features like "Focus," you can easily understand complex words, be it an organization, a concept, or a person. The feature provides a suitable definition with access to additional information like websites and social media links ( Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Crunchbase, etc.).


Focus feature explaining carbon dioxide

  1. Cross-check

The feature "Cross-Check" presents multiple and varied resources reporting on the same topic. Therefore, you can effortlessly verify the accuracy of the information you read and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the article by having a well-rounded view from different sources.


Cross-Check feature showing diverse sources reporting on the same topic.

  1. Ask anything

The "Ask Anything Menu" simplifies the process of seeking clarification on complex information within an article.

You can ask any question related to the content you are reading, and Wiseone provides answers with relevant and sourced answers based on the content or on top internet search results. 

Ask Anything feature answers the question: "How can Generative AI impact managers"?

"Ask Anything Search," a similar feature, provides answers directly on the browser's search results page.

For instance, by typing the following query: "How is the stock market looking in 2024?" Ask Anything Search offers a comprehensive, sourced response based on prominent search results from Google. 

This intelligent feature streamlines the user experience by understanding the question context and delivering relevant answers, saving valuable time and effort without requiring users to navigate away from the article page.

Ask anything search generates an answer about the stock market in 2024.

  1. Explore

Likewise, the "Explore" feature offers an easy way to discover related topics, providing users with an extensive understanding of the content.

Wiseone generates a list of recommended articles, allowing you to navigate through additional resources effortlessly. The feature saves time and effort searching for related topics and grants access to a broad spectrum of article sources, expanding your knowledge.

Notably, the Explore feature provides diverse sources, including news articles, academic papers, and videos, catering to various preferences. For instance, researchers can explore academic sources, students can engage with video content, and managers can opt for news articles, making "Explore" an excellent feature that accommodates everyone's preferences.


Explore feature providing suggestions about the battery technology.

  1. Summarize

Concluding our array of features with "Summarize," the feature generates thorough summaries with key takeaways, allowing you to understand the main points of an article efficiently without the need to read the entire piece.


Summarize feature summarizing an article with key takeaways.

How to download Wiseone?

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