Wiseone Latest: What's new in the 1.5 update?

Wiseone Latest: What's new in the 1.5 update?
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With the 1.5 update, Wiseone can help you further structure your information in your research process with Collections.

We know any research project's information-gathering and analysis process is time-consuming and methodical. You must structure your data to be understandable and rapidly actionable, leaving you with what matters most: giving meaning to the information.

Collections feature

On your personal space on app.wiseone.io, you can now see a new page called "Collections."

On this page, you will find three distinct sections called "Collections," "Saved," and "History." The first time you discover this new feature, it will be empty, as it is your exploration and information gathering that will fill the different sections.

Explore your History:

In this section, you can look at every Wiseone result you opened in the previous month.

You can find and interact with every result (Focus, Cross-check, Summarize, Ask Anything, and Explore), opening a dedicated page to explore it in depth.

Find your Saved results:

In this section, you will find all the results you saved because of their importance for your research process.

There are two ways to save a Wiseone result:

  • When you open any feature results in the extension, click on the small save button.

On the pop-up window

On the extension menu 

  • When you are in your personal space on app.wiseone.io, in the "History" section, you can click the save button too.

If you want to delete a saved result, click the save button again on the right side. It will then be deleted, but you will still see it in the "History" section.

Structure your data with Collection:

Finally, you can create projects in this section and add any Wiseone results. With Collection, you can now organize your data and speed up your research process.

To create a Collection, click the "Create a new collection" button and fill out the name, description, and icon you want to associate with it.

Now that you created your collection, you can add any saved results to it: 

That's it. You are now ready to take your research and reading process to the next level, thanks to Wiseone. Give it a try and tell us what you think. 😉💙

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