Wiseone Pro: Your Web Search & Reading Copilot

Wiseone Pro: Your Web Search & Reading Copilot
Wiseone Pro: your AI search & Reading Copilot.

In the era of ChatGPT and AI's growing influence, the demand for advanced AI tools has surged across all fields and domains. Web searching and reading is no exception.

Recognizing this demand, we at Wiseone realized the need for a copilot for AI search and reading, a companion for exploring the web while being productive.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Wiseone Pro, the premium version of Wiseone.

Introducing Wiseone Pro


Wiseone Pro is an AI-powered browser extension that allows individuals and professionals to improve the efficiency of their search and online reading uniquely and innovatively using the best LLMs available today.

Designed to save time, boost productivity, and expand knowledge, Wiseone Pro offers a comprehensive suite of features that take web searching and reading to new heights.

With Wiseone's free version, you can access all the essential features, guaranteeing all users a well-rounded web search and reading experience. However, the number of queries is limited to 10 per day.

Upgrading to Wiseone Pro unlocks advanced features, "Deep Ask" and "Deep Summary," and an unlimited number of queries, unlocking the full potential of your search and reading productivity.

Wiseone Pro Features That Make a Difference

Deep Summary

Deep summary is a feature that allows you to read efficiently without the need to read the entire content by providing next-level summarizing models.

The feature generates key takeaways and a thorough summary of the content. You can tailor your summaries by adjusting the length and the number of key takeaways to suit your needs.

Deep Summary Feature

Deep Ask Anything

Deep Ask Anything simplifies complex information and unlocks the power of advanced AI search capabilities.

Whether it's an online article or a lengthy PDF, you can ask your most challenging questions about information you need help understanding and receive clear, sourced answers.

  • Deep Ask Anything on your webpage
Deep Ask Anything feature.
  • Deep Ask Anything on your search engine

"Deep Ask Anything" on top search engines streamlines the user experience by delivering unique and sourced answers directly on your search engines like Google or Bing, saving valuable time and effort without requiring you to navigate away from the search result page.

Deep Ask Anything feature on search engines.


The feature ensures the accuracy of the information you read and gives a more comprehensive understanding of the article.

Cross-check generates a list of news or academic sources reporting on the same topic, making it easy to access factual and reliable information.

Cross-Check feature.


Explore allows you to quickly discover related topics and gain a deeper understanding of any subject.

You can explore news, academic sources, and videos from various reliable sources to broaden your understanding.

For instance, managers can opt for news articles related to their industry, researchers can explore academic sources, and students can engage with videos, making "Explore" an excellent feature that accommodates everyone's preferences.

Explore feature.


The Focus feature allows you to understand 100% of your reading, so you no longer have to encounter unfamiliar words that can impact your overall understanding of a subject.

Focus achieves this by providing a suitable definition and access to crucial information, such as websites, articles, financial information, or social media links.

Focus Feature.

Benefits You Can't Ignore

With unique features and a user-friendly interface, Wiseone Pro stands as a convenient alternative. It offers an engaging experience that feels like having a copilot assisting you in every aspect of web searching and online reading.

Time-saving: Wiseone Pro eliminates the constant need to search and read through various web pages, long PDFs, and lengthy articles, saving you the time that would be spent reading the entire content.
Boosts Productivity: Get more done with less time and effort. With Wiseone Pro, you can maintain focus on your tasks and projects thanks to the AI tool's ability to provide an efficient overview while offering the most essential information about any web content.
Knowledge expansion: Wiseone Pro grants access to additional and in-depth information right at your fingertips, which helps you seek comprehensive insights.
Information Accuracy: The browser extension ensures information accuracy by providing answers based on OSINT techniques (webpage and web resources content, reliable web search results), so you can receive accurate and up-to-date information.
Comprehensive Understanding: With Wiseone Pro, you can ask specific questions and receive detailed answers, allowing complex information to be easily grasped and contributing to a thorough understanding of any topic.

Getting Started Is Easy

Follow these simple steps to get started:
1- Download and Install: Visit the Chrome web store, download the Wiseone extension, and create an account.
2- Pin the Extension: Once installed, pin the extension to your browser to access the features.
3- Enable the extension: Click "enable Wiseone," and a quick access button will appear on the right side of your screen.
4—Choose how to access Wiseone features: You can access the features using the quick access button or directly from the extension menu.
5- Start Exploring: Go to any webpage and start using Wiseone Pro. Whether you prefer using the quick access button or the menu, Wiseone Pro can assist you in your web searches and reading endeavors.

You can also watch this brief yet insightful tutorial on how to use Wiseone Pro and its features.


Wiseone Pro tutorial

Wiseone Pro Pricing

Wiseone Pro costs $9.9 monthly or $99 annually (the equivalent of two months off). Plus, with a 7-day free trial, you can experience all that Wiseone Pro offers before making any commitments.

Wiseone Pro FAQ

- What is Wiseone Pro?

Wiseone Pro is the premium version of our browser extension. While Wiseone offers a range of valuable features for enhancing your web search and online reading experience, Wiseone Pro takes it a step further by providing advanced features and unlimited usage.

- Does Wiseone Pro have monthly and annual billing options?

Yes. Wiseone offers monthly and annual billing options to provide flexibility for our users.

- How does Wiseone Pro boost productivity?

With features designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, Wiseone minimizes the time spent reading and searching for information. By combining time-saving capabilities with a user-friendly interface, Wiseone becomes a valuable tool for maximizing productivity for web searches and online reading.

- How does Wiseone Pro expand my knowledge?

Wiseone expands knowledge by providing easy access to additional and in-depth information at your fingertips, making it easier for you to thoroughly understand any topic.

- How does Wiseone Pro enhance web search?

Wiseone enhances your web search by expanding your knowledge, offering reliable information as you browse, and providing well-sourced answers to complex questions. Whether you're looking to be more productive, learn more, or even verify facts while browsing. Wiseone is designed to be a valuable companion, enhancing the efficiency of your web search.

- Is Wiseone Pro a productivity tool?

With features designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, Wiseone Pro minimizes the time spent reading and searching for information. By combining time-saving capabilities with a user-friendly interface, Wiseone Pro becomes a valuable tool for maximizing productivity for web searches and online reading.

-Does Wiseone Pro work on all websites?

Yes, Wiseone works everywhere online. Simply click on the "Enable Wiseone on" button in the extension's menu.

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