Top AI tools for research in May 2024

Top AI tools for research in May 2024
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Wiseone is an innovative AI tool that transforms how we read and search for information online. Wiseone enhances knowledge by providing extensive features designed with the best LLMs available today.

Key features

  • Direct Query Answers

Users can type queries on search engines and receive comprehensive answers directly. The answers provided include references to the sources, allowing easy access for further exploration.

  • Summarization tool

Wiseone's "Summarize" feature generates thorough summaries with key takeaways that enable users to understand the main points of an article or a PDF document efficiently without reading the entire piece. 

  • Cross-Referencing articles

With the feature "Cross-Check," Wiseone simplifies fact-checking and quick access to credible information by generating curated lists of news articles reporting on the same topic.

  • Effortless Information Access:

The "Explore feature" provides quick access to related topics, enabling users to gain deeper insights into any subject matter.

  • Explaining complex words

Wiseone ensures a thorough understanding of words to comprehend 100% of the content, mainly complex terms and concepts, with the feature "focus."


Wiseone offers a free version with ten daily query credits, perfect for occasional use or testing the waters. The premium version, which includes premium features, unlimited queries, and access to gpt4, is just $9.90 per month. 

Recognizing the unique requirements of teams and academic institutions, the AI tool provides custom pricing for larger groups.

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Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a multifunctional tool designed to enhance users' search for and interaction with information. It uses advanced artificial intelligence, built explicitly on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 model, to provide a conversational and intuitive user interface.

Key features

  • Natural Language Processing

Perplexity AI excels in understanding and processing human language, making it easy for users to formulate queries conversationally. This feature allows the tool to interpret the context of inquiries more effectively, leading to more accurate responses.

  • Versatile Information Discovery

Perplexity is not limited to simple question-and-answer interactions. It supports various functionalities, including language modeling and text generation, making it a valuable resource for users from multiple fields, such as research, education, and creative industries.

  • User Interface and Accessibility

Perplexity AI is praised for its user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

  • Advanced Search Capabilities

Perplexity AI features Pro Search options and the ability to upload images, enhancing the depth and breadth of searches. These features adapt to more complex and specific informational needs, expanding the tool's utility beyond basic text searches. 


The paid plan costs $20 per month to $200 per year (7-day free trial on the yearly plan). 

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Consensus is an AI-powered search engine designed to assist users in conducting efficient and effective scientific research. By leveraging AI technology, Consensus provides instant access to a vast database of over 200 million scientific papers, helping users find evidence-based answers to their research questions.

Key features 

  • Extensive Database and Intelligent Search

Consensus gathers a comprehensive database that includes a wide range of scientific papers. This extensive coverage ensures that researchers have access to information across various fields. The AI-powered engine intelligently searches this database, quickly providing relevant studies and insights crucial for research.

  • Real Study Insights and Support

Consensus acts as a collaborative partner throughout the research process. It supports researchers from the initial stages of inquiry and topic exploration to the final stages of writing and documentation. This makes it an invaluable asset for students, clinicians, and professionals who require up-to-date scientific information.

  • Vector Search Technology

The tool utilizes vector search technology, which improves the relevance of the papers it surfaces by analyzing the semantic relationship between search terms and content in the documents. This technology ensures that users receive the most pertinent information, even if the exact search terms are not in the papers.


The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month. However, if users choose to be billed annually, the cost is reduced to $6.99 per month.

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SciSpace is a dynamic platform designed to support the diverse needs of the academic and research community. It combines elements of a science workspace and a comprehensive digital library, making it a valuable tool for researchers, educators, publishers, and institutions.

Key features

  • Comprehensive Research Repository

SciSpace offers access to a vast repository that includes metadata from over 200 million research papers and more than 50 million Open-Access full texts. This extensive collection makes SciSpace an essential resource for researchers exploring and reviewing academic literature across various domains.

  • Literature review

One of SciSpace's standout features is its AI-powered literature review tool. This tool simplifies the literature review process by allowing users to input keywords or queries, which the system uses to retrieve relevant academic articles. It displays key insights and offers customizable search options, enhancing research efficiency.

  • Collaborative Workspace

SciSpace is an end-to-end workspace that enables collaboration among researchers, publishers, and academic institutions. It helps automate repetitive tasks and streamlines the discovery and information-sharing process.

  • Integration with Turnitin

SciSpace has partnered with Turnitin to directly integrate text similarity checking within the platform to assist with publishing. This feature helps researchers ensure the originality of their work before submission.


Scispace provides a free version with standard and limited features. The premium version, at $12, unlocks access to the Best Copilot answers from our High-Quality Model, unlimited Copilot messages, and boundless Literature Review searches.

The tool offers a tailored solution for universities and teams at $8 per user, with all premium features.

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Scite is another innovative tool designed to assist students and researchers in discovering and understanding research articles through a unique feature known as Smart Citations. These citations reference the work and provide context by indicating whether the cited article supports or contrasts the evidence presented.

Key features

  • Browser extension

One of the standout features of Scite is its browser extension, which allows users to verify information online and explore supporting and contrasting information on various topics. The browser extension extension integrates Smart Citation Badges across many popular academic literature databases, enhancing the user's ability to quickly assess the credibility and relevance of research.

  • Technology and Database

Advanced AI power Scite and maintain an extensive database of over 1.2 billion citation statements, surpassing even the Web of Science regarding citation data. This vast repository enables Scite to effectively provide significant research value, literature assessments, and related resources.

  • Smart Citations

Smart citations reference the source and provide the context in which the citation is used within the new document. This feature indicates whether the cited article supports, contrasts, or mentions the data, making it easier for users to assess the relevance and impact of the research.

  • Customizable Search Options

The platform allows users to apply specific filters when searching for papers. Researchers can specify year ranges, topics, publication types, or journal names to refine their searches. This customization makes finding relevant articles easier and streamlines the research process according to individual needs or project requirements.


Access to Scite requires a $15 monthly subscription. A tailored pricing structure is also available for innovative teams and institutions. 

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Research rabbit

Research Rabbit is a discovery app specifically designed for researchers. It is a great tool tailored to streamline finding relevant academic papers. It's also handy because it allows researchers to quickly locate documents before and after the ones they are already familiar with.

One of the main advantages of using Research Rabbit is its ability to simplify the research process. Users can input a link to an academic paper they are interested in. Research Rabbit will recommend other relevant papers, categorized by those published before and after the paper provided. This feature helps researchers comprehensively understand the topic's developmental timeline and contextual background.

Key Features

  • Citation-Based Literature Mapping

One of Research Rabbit's standout features is its ability to create citation-based literature maps. This feature allows users to input one or more 'seed' papers, and the tool then identifies and suggests additional papers relevant to the initial input, encompassing both earlier and later works that could be of interest.

  • Simplified Research Process

Research Rabbit significantly simplifies the research process. Users can let Research Rabbit scan and suggest related documents by inputting a paper, eliminating the need to search through databases or citation lists manually. This feature is handy for expanding the scope of a literature review without missing critical documents in a field.

  • Collaborative Features

Research Rabbit also supports collaborative efforts, though it offers a more lightweight approach than other tools like SciSpace. It allows for sharing and coordination around the collection of research content, making it easier for teams to manage their literature review processes together. However, for a more structured comparative analysis, it might be necessary to export the literature review to another platform.


Research Rabbit is a free tool. 

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Elicit org is a tool designed to assist researchers by automating parts of the research process, particularly in finding and analyzing academic papers. It can locate relevant papers without a perfect keyword match, summarize key takeaways specific to a user's question, and extract crucial information from these papers.

Key features

  • Research Enhancement

Elicit helps researchers by speeding up the literature review process, a fundamental aspect of academic research. It enables users to find papers that may not be easily accessible through traditional search methods. Additionally, Elicit can automate systematic reviews and meta-analyses, which are typically time-consuming tasks.

  • Automated Research Workflows uses language models to automate research workflows, such as literature reviews. This feature allows users to find relevant papers without a perfect keyword match, thus broadening the scope of research and ensuring comprehensive literature exploration.

  • Data Extraction and Summarization

One of the standout features of is its ability to extract key information from papers and provide summaries of the main takeaways specific to the user's question. This significantly reduces the time spent analyzing and synthesizing large volumes of academic literature.

  • Question and Key Term Identification also assists users by suggesting questions and key terms and identifying essential papers related to a specific topic. This feature is handy for users who are beginning their research and need guidance on framing their inquiries and understanding the landscape of existing literature.


Elicit provides a Free Basic Plan that includes 5,000 one-time credits. This plan is suitable for users who require only occasional access to the platform's capabilities, such as searching for papers, without needing extensive features.

For more regular users, Elicit offers a Plus Subscription at $10 per month or $120 per year (with a 20% discount if billed annually).

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