PDF Summarizer Tools To Try Right Now

PDF Summarizer Tools To Try Right Now
Top PDF summarizer tools in 2024.

AI's integration into our daily routines spans diverse domains, significantly enhancing convenience. A notable aspect of its impact lies in its ability to summarize PDF documents, which consume considerable time and effort. 

With AI tools at our disposal, the long process of filtering through lengthy PDFs becomes a thing of the past. These tools are designed for anyone who appreciates the value of knowledge but finds themselves pressed for time.

In this article, we'll explore AI-powered PDF summarizers trained at extracting key takeaways and most crucial information, revolutionizing how we engage with digital documents.

How to evaluate PDF summarizer tools

Summarizing tools become crucial for readers seeking a quick and reliable way to digest information without spending hours on lengthy content. 

Simplicity and effectiveness are essential when choosing the right summarizing tool in the sea of options. 

  • Firstly, looking for tools that offer user-friendly interfaces that don't require a manual to navigate is important. The best summarizing tools should be intuitive, saving you time rather than adding to the complexity.
  • The accuracy in capturing the essence of the text is also essential. A good summarizer tool should provide the main ideas and important points.
  • Lastly, consider the speed of the tool. After all, the goal is to save time, so it's better to opt for a summarizing tool that works without compromising quality. 

By keeping simplicity, accuracy, and speed in mind, you can efficiently evaluate and choose a summarizing tool that aligns with your need for quick comprehension.

Here are our picks for PDF summarizers designed to make your reading more efficient and enjoyable.

1- Wiseone

Wiseone is a free AI-powered browser extension that enhances your web search and online reading experience by saving time, expanding knowledge, and boosting productivity.

The AI tool offers a new way to read and explore information online with five unique features. 

How does Wiseone summarize PDF?

Wiseone's "Summarize" feature helps you read more efficiently without losing critical information by generating a thorough summary with key takeaways. 

The "Summarize" feature offered by Wiseone proves to be remarkably user-friendly, easy, and fast. To use it, you open the extension menu and click Summarize; Wiseone instantly generates three initial key takeaways that mention the essential insights, and then you scroll for a more comprehensive summary of the PDF content.

Wiseone generates a PDF summary.

What sets Wiseone apart is that it's accessed and used directly in your PDF webpage, eliminating the need for copying and pasting paragraphs to a dedicated landing page or interface, ultimately saving you more time.

Additionally, Wiseone goes beyond by being multi-language (supporting English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese).

As such, Wiseone delivers a massive benefit for professionals, academics, students, and anyone who searches for information and reads online. 

2- Scholarcy

Scholarcy is an AI-powered tool destined for researchers; it summarizes long research articles, reports, and documents into easy-to-digest summaries, creating interactive flashcards, highlights, key points, and links to open-access versions of each citation. 

Scholarcy generates a PDF summary.

How does Scholarly summarize PDF? 

After downloading the PDF and uploading it onto the tool's interface, Scholarcy generates a snapshot of the document and a concise conclusion, providing users with an initial summary. 

To get deeper insights and a more detailed understanding of the content, Scholarcy offers a range of additional features. Users can access key concepts, abstracts, synonyms, highlights, summaries, and comparative analyses by simply navigating the dropdown menus.

Scholarly generates a PDF snapshot.
Scholarcy generates a PDF summary.


Scholarcy offers both free and paid plans. The free plan allows users to generate up to three daily summaries and a convenient option to export flashcards.

However, for those needing more, the paid plan provides unlimited access to summaries, flashcards, highlights, editing options, and a host of additional features, priced at $8.99 monthly.

Scholarcy pricing plans.

3- Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users elevate the quality of their writing. Besides generating summaries, Quillbot provides multiple features: a paraphrasing tool, a grammar checker, a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, and a translator.

How does Quillbot's PDF summarizer work? 

Quillbot's Summarizer feature.

Each feature has a dedicated interface. For the "summarizer feature," you can choose to generate short and long summaries to control the level of detail. There are also two summarization types: Key Sentences and Paragraph modes; these can be shortened or detailed by adjusting the summary length. 


With its summarizer tool, you can enjoy a complimentary plan, allowing summaries of up to 1200 words.

If you seek expanded capabilities, Quillbot offers three distinct paid plans. The yearly plan is priced at $99.95, the semi-annual plan at $79.95, and the monthly plan at $19.95. The paid subscriptions unlock access to extended features, including the ability to summarize up to 6000 words per session.


PDF2GPT is a remarkably straightforward solution for text summarization, automatically segmenting PDF documents into manageable chunks. Its simplicity lies in its efficiency.

How does it summarize PDF?

Summarizing with PDF2GPT is easy. The process is straightforward: copy and paste the document's URL you want summarized, and the website will redirect you to a landing page containing the summary.

Alternatively, if you have the PDF file saved, you can upload it directly to the website, generating a summary in the same efficient manner.

The results provided by PDF2GPT are comprehensive, comprising a general overview, a handy table of contents for easy navigation, and summaries tailored to every two pages of the document.

PDF2GPT is summarizing a PDF.


For $5 per month, the subscription to PDF2GPT unlocks additional features; users can upload large PDFs, accommodating documents of up to 200 pages or 75,000 words, providing more space for in-depth content analysis.

Moreover, PDF2GPT extends its versatility by accepting PDFs of up to 40 MB in size, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of documents. 

5- IntelliPPT

IntelliPPt emerges as another user-friendly solution for text and PDF summarization, characterized by its straightforward approach and ease of use. 

How does IntelliPPt summarize PDF?

First, copy and paste the PDF content into the designated box. Next, you should specify the summary size and choose the preference between key sentences or using an AI summarizer. 

Alternatively, you can upload a PDF file directly, allowing IntelliPPT to generate the summary automatically. 

IntelliPPT PDF summarizer.


IntelliPPT offers a free version that grants unlimited summary generation, constrained only by a 3000-character limit or a maximum file size of 1MB. 

If you require more extensive summaries and increased flexibility, the paid version, available for $5 per month, offers significant enhancements with access to summarizations of up to 50,000 characters and the ability to upload large files, with a cap at 5MB. Additionally, subscribers can convert their summaries directly to PowerPoint presentations.

IntelliPPT Pricing.

6- Genei

Genei is an AI research tool destined for individuals like journalists and content creators who should improve their work efficiency.

How does Genei summarize PDF?

With its "summarization" feature, Genei enables summarization and keyword extraction to find crucial information faster.

It also performs semantic and query-based searches within documents for a quick summary. There are more features like annotation and citation.

While Genei does not offer a free version, it does provide a 14-day free trial accessible to all users.

Genei summarizes a PDF.


Since there is no free version, after a 14-day trial period, users can choose between two paid versions: the Basic at 9.99£ a month and the Pro at 29.99£. Each plan caters to different needs and preferences.

Genei also extends its reach to academia with special pricing, offering the same comprehensive features at a reduced cost.

Genei pricing plans.

7- GetDigest

GetDigest is an invaluable software for analyzing web content and textual documents, streamlining the process of information absorption and comprehension that generates concise summaries, allowing users to allocate their time more effectively.

How does GetDigest summarize PDF?

GetDigest summarizes a PDF.

Users can upload a PDF file, paste the text directly, or provide a URL link for individual usage on the tool's interface. Once the content is submitted, they click on the "generate" button to analyze the text and extract its crucial keywords, encapsulating the essence of the content. Below the keywords is the summary, referred to as the digest, which encapsulates the most essential points of the content.

Its abilities extend beyond monolingual texts, as it recognizes and summarizes multilingual documents across over 33 languages.


For professional usage, GetDigest offers a dedicated software solution that can be configured on one of a company's virtual servers. This software is integrated with the existing infrastructure through Active Directory, ensuring smooth connectivity and easy access for all employees.

GetDigest software pricing.

As technology continues to evolve, the future of AI summarization holds exciting prospects for avid readers looking to save time while staying informed. AI summarizers will become even more adept at understanding context, delivering summaries that capture the nuances of complex topics. Moreover, we can expect to see improvements in customization features, allowing users to tailor summaries to their preferences.

With these advancements, AI summarizers will become more context-aware, adapting to different writing styles, content structures, and languages. 

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